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Co-op Practices

Echo Ridge Homes Cooperative, Inc. is a member of the Del Norte Neighborhood Association, whose mission is to "promote a better neighborhood and community through GROUP action so that the quality of life in the area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, cultural and historic needs and interests of the residents."

Standard Co-op Practices

Members of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives agree that cooperative housing associations are most successful when operated in accordance With specific recommended practices, in addition to the general cooperative principles.

Keep these points in mind when considering membership in a housing co-op:

  • The cooperative association’s board of directors must keep its members informed of all its actions. A regular communication system, including a newsletter, information bulletins, special meetings, solicitation of members for opinions and priorities strengthens the relationship between the board of directors and the members. Leader accountability is central to the co-operative concept. The board of directors should depend upon the two-way nature of communication to guide them in all decision-making.
  • The cooperative association must maintain adequate financial reserves to protect the co-op and its members’ interests. These usually include a general operating reserve and a reserve for replacing components of buildings as they deteriorate. Such reserves reduce the possibility of members having to pay unexpected special charges in emergencies.
  • An annual audit should be conducted by professional accountants and made available to all members.
  • To protect the interests of the remaining residents, the cooperative board must have the right to approve incoming members who take the place of those leaving the co-op. Credit and background checks and a visit with the membership committee are usually required. This process also helps orient the incoming member to their rights and responsibilities as cooperative members.




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